I am VERY into science these days…
Radio Station Night Vale! (The rest of the photos are under this tag!)

Obligatory Cecil x Carlos post. *whistles innocently*
There was quite a lot of giggling. Maybe from me.

Cecil- Norway
Carlos The Scientist - Beckah

Photo Sets

Hello Night Vale/ Desert Bluffs

Welcome to Night Vale
"I am very into science…" Cecil x Carlos
Station Management
Behind the Scenes: Building a Science Lab


And OF COURSE: The team of Welcome To Night Vale! Thank you for such an absurdly amazing podcast! We love and fear you from our very deepest spleens.



JW: Alright, well, I think he’s had enough so we’re going to say goodnight.

JW: Anything to add?
SH: Bit of revenge maybe.

JW: Oh?

SH: Goodnight.

JW: …I’ll kill him.